Trioliet is unique as a complete provider of premium feeding machines for livestock farms. All of our machines are geared toward helping the modern dairy farmer manage a farm efficiently. Designing new solutions and developing existing technologies are our highest priorities. We are confident that we can provide a suitable mechanical or automatic feeding solution for 80% of all beef and dairy farms worldwide, whether that means drawing from our existing range, or designing a bespoke machine to suit the client's every need.

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Feed Mixers
Looking for a TMR mixer for your livestock? Do you attach value to quality, reliablitiy and good service? Don't look any further. Take a look at our dairy feeding systems; TMR mixers in different sizes, with different amout of vertical augers and self-propelled feed mixers and all with the best mix quality.


Shear Grab
The Triomaster S "Big Bite" is a silage cutter with a fixed blade, capable of shearing effortlessly through silage, without moving the stack. The silage wall therefore remains intact and is not compressed, pulled loose, lifted or vibrated loose, as can occur with other existing silage cutting techniques. 

Stationary Feed Mixers
stationary TMR mixers with one, two or three vertical augers


Self-propelled TMR mixers

Robotic Feeding Systems
Triomatic robotic feeding system now enables you to make this wish come true without having to sacrifice any more of your precious time. This automatic feeding system also improves your milking robot’s milking frequency because fresh feed has a positive influence on cow traffic.