What To Expect From Our Animal Feeds Division

The AgCentral Animal Feeds Division is by far our largest sales generator, accounting for well over 40% of AgCentral sales.

We have a team of nutritionists which serve both dairy and beef herds in several states, along with trained sales personnel at any of our 8 stores. Many of our staff bring the added bonus of being involved with their own livestock operations, giving them first-hand knowledge of feed results in varying conditions brought by Mother Nature.

Because our customers have diverse needs and preferences for livestock care, we make feed available in coarse and pelleted forms, offering several brands, including our own in-house blends. We work with a variety of companies on supplements and new feed technologies to make sure our customers receive the best feeds possible. We offer specialty feeds for poultry, show stock, sheep, and goats.

The centerpiece of our feed operations is our own AgCentral Feed Mill, located at our Athens, TN Farm Center facility, about a mile away from the Athens headquarters store. We love to talk to customers about customized rations!

AgCentral Grain Facility

Our Grain Facility, which began serving area row-crop growers in 2017, was implemented and designed for the primary purpose of creating new markets for local and regional row-crop growers.

The Facility, located in Greenback, Tennessee, processes soybeans and corn for value-added markets of several kinds. Our Grain Facility is a processing center only, processing grains for resale. We are not an elevator. We can take deliveries in tractor-trailers or in straight trucks.

SOYBEANS: Roasted Soybeans offer versatility as they can be utilized in different ways in different types of animal feeds.

A great source of protein and dietary fats, they are ideal for cost-effective additions to both dairy and beef cattle rations. They can be utilized slightly milled, or ground to an almost meal-like texture.

They can be fed plain, or incorporated into grain blends for calves, cows, or almost any other type of cattle. We have discovered they can also be used for equine feed rations, and even in wildlife feedstuffs.

CORN: Our Grain Facility includes a Roller Mill and a Hammermill, which is often used for milling corn. We sell this cracked corn in several ways: stand-alone in feed bags, blended into bagged or bulk rations, or as bulk deliveries for those wishing to add to their own feedstuffs.

Grain Facility Manager: Clint Lewis, Jr.

For purchasing roasted soybeans, blended feeds with soybeans, or milled corn, contact Randy Croft at 423-519-7009.

To sell beans or corn you have grown to our Grain Facility, contact Zack Clabough at 865-839-2095.


Livestock Equipment

Our philosophy is simple: We take care of the animals, and the animals will take care of us. 

 Animal welfare includes proper equipment so we can properly and humanely take care of animals.  In the case of livestock handling systems, the safety of the human caretaker must also be considered.

AgCentral gladly works with producers of all sizes to determine which equipment will best accommodate a producer's situation. Sometimes a new chute is all that is needed, but sometimes a major system with sweep tubs and scales is necessary.  We can design and build completely new facilities, or retrofit updated equipment within existing facilities. Versatility is a hallmark of our work, and equally important is dedication to the producer.

We carry Arrowquip, Priefert, W&W, GLS, and a custom economy line of galvanized chutes and handling equipment. We'll be happy to listen to your needs, and then help you find solutions!


AgCentral is honored to be a Purina Certified Elite Dealer! This certification means that our sales personnel have been through special training sessions, enabling them to best serve customers with feeds that best match their needs!  Additionally, we carry a line of Purina products for every livestock species. Purina feeds are backed by their world-renowned Nutrition Research Facility.
Additionally, we are confident in our long-term relationship with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, and are glad to provide our customers with the many quality feeds available through them, also bagged or bulk. Several other brands are in our selection.

More and more, we know that proper mineral balance and type are crucial to the most efficient and cost-effective use of forages and grains, which all work together to contribute to profitability for any livestock producer!  Our livestock team can help you determine which mineral is best suited for your cattle operation. We know that Purina and Co-op minerals are time-proven 

Specific Feeds for Specific Species!


Horses. Hogs. Chickens. Sheeps. Goats.  Even wildlife and Exotic Animals!  And let's not forget your favorite canine or cat!
Whatever your favorite species, we can find a high-quality feed, backed by research, that is especially formulated for special needs at any stage of life, and any situation.  We carry multiple brands so we can serve multiple customers, and to make sure any animal has access to the best nutrition possible!  
Backyard Poultry flocks continue to grow in popularity! From chick growing rations to scratch feed to specialized feeds for shell strength for laying hens, there is a chicken feed for you at AgCentral! If organic feeds are your preference, we've got those!  And game birds - we've got feeds for quail 
Youth livestock enthusiasts are one of our favorite things in the world, and we've got show feeds that have produced winners at beef shows, sheep shows, and hog shows!  Ask about our "plain brown bags' that contain specially blended show feeds!
AgCentral will be happy to discuss your feed needs  - come on down to see us!

Livestock Team